Ethanol Fuel Gel (48 Pack) from BCB International

Ethanol Fuel Gel (48 Pack) from BCB International
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Product Description

Ethanol Fuel Gel (48 Pack) from BCB International

Non-toxic and clean. No harmful fumes. It burns clean and can be used in areas of restricted ventilation. Generates heat more quickly than previous formulas. Typically heats 500ml of water in 7 minutes and 45 seconds, in independent tests.
Burns with a pale blue light (no smoke or yellow flame)
Fuel can be extinguished and re-lit later
Supplied in sachets that are easily packed and easy to use. Each sachet can be burned with the fuel (No litter to carry home)
The gel is made from renewable agricultural sources rather than fossil fuels/deforestation

Ethanol Gel Fuel Report Findings from BCB:
We used to sell the Army type fold flat cooker and Hexamine solid fuel blocks. We knew their disadvantages over our BCB cooker and Ethanol gel fuel were considerable, namely;
Hexamine blocks produces dangerous cyanide fumes, which have had fatal consequences when used in a confined space.
Our gel fuel is a renewable fuel, not a fossil fuel like Hexamine.
Hexamine is poisonous and should not be handled or used near food. It is also highly toxic to wildlife if un-burnt remnants are left on the ground.
Our ethanol fuel is environmentally safe.
Ethanol fuel is quicker and easier to light and can be easily ignited with a flint and striker, fire lighter or match.

We have just commissioned an independent report (see graph), which has proved that the BCB cooker and our fuel gel, cooks over 50% or 4 minutes quicker than the in-service hexamine folding stove and fuel.