.308 Micro-Rig by Original SOE

.308 Micro-Rig by Original SOE
Item# 308MR
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Product Description

.308 Micro-Rig by Original SOE
Note from SOE Owner John Willis:

The same size as our ever-popular Micro-Rig, the .308 Micro-Rig is built to keep your battle rifle fed while still maintaining a low profile Our .308 Micro-Rig features two pockets designed to fit 2 G3/FAL/M14 mags each. Featuring the very same quality as everything else that comes out of our shop, the pockets are built to last.

Both pockets can also hold 3 AR mags each with ease.

The .308 Micro-Rig also features a utility pouch. The pouch is meant to hold a VOK, but is more than capable of holding any number of medium-size items. The utility pocket also features a Velcro loop panel on the inside for easy attachment of various accessories. Each pocket also features PALS webbing on the side to hold tourniquets, multi-tools, flashlights, any number of things. There are also smoke grenade loops on the bottom of the rig.

Comes with standard adjustable webbing shoulder straps. We recommend adding a Slim Padded H-Harness for extra comfort and the ability to add a Hydration Carrier.

Sizing: One size fits all. Specifications:Genuine 1000 Denier Cordura nylon